Website Design

If you’ve made it this far, I can only assume you’ve tried to conquer the chaos of building your own website – keyword here is tried. Website development can be a tedious and time consuming endeavor. As a business owner, your time is sacred. I have the tools to empower your business in the online world while giving you time back to actually focus on your business (or NOT focus on your business for a minute).

In the age of instant gratification a web design that is aesthetically pleasing and instantly grabs the attention of the user has never been more important. There is a reason instagram, facebook, tiktok or youtube reels are max 90 seconds. There is also a reason you may have debated reading this article (I take no offense). Attention spans may be shortening but that doesn’t mean your online presence has to as well.

I’ll create a website that instantly conveys your brand before a client even reads a word of information. Grabbing the attention of the right client and engaging them with your business online translates to sales. I produce aesthetically pleasing designs that are easy to navigate whether your client is on their computer, tablet, or phone.

Our Easy 3 Step Process

At Vivid Pine Design, LLC, we’ve streamlined our website re-design or new build process into three simple steps for our clients. While behind the scenes, I meticulously adhere to a comprehensive 50-step protocol to ensure thoroughness and avoid shortcuts.”

1. Design: 

Initiating the design journey begins with a swift consultation where we delve into your brand, objectives, target audience, and competitors. This session encompasses discussions on brand colors, typography, imagery, and other elements shaping the website’s overall aesthetics. With a comprehensive understanding of your goals, I’ll craft a preliminary outline detailing the envisioned look of your website. Upon your approval of the new design, we’ll move forward collaboratively to transform the concept into a fully functional website.

2. Develop: 

In the development phase, I’ll bring the rest of your website to life in alignment with our approved design. This involves the functional aspect, where I upload and integrate essential elements like WordPress, themes, plugins, widgets, and more. Simultaneously, I’ll gather the content you want on your site, including text, images, and videos. Through meticulous coding, I ensure the seamless functionality of all website components, such as buttons, links, emails, animations, videos, and images. Furthermore, I’ll optimize your website for a responsive experience across devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. Throughout the process, I prioritize the implementation of SEO best practices to ensure your website is well-received by search engines, particularly Google.

3. Launch 

Prior to the official launch, we conduct thorough testing to ensure the seamless operation of every aspect of the website. Following this, I’ll provide you with comprehensive training and informative videos, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate and manage your site. It’s crucial to me that you feel confident using your website post-build. And then comes the most thrilling phase—the launch! Post-launch, I strongly recommend considering our website maintenance plan to ensure ongoing support and assistance for your website.

Website SEO

In this new era of online business, website SEO has a huge impact on the success of your business. The internet has evened the playing field for small businesses and start up entrepreneurs. Search for a product or service on google and you’ll find small and local businesses right next to giant corporations. No matter your budget, utilizing strong SEO skills puts you in control of your financial future now more than ever. 

SEO aligns your website to rank higher on the search engine results page. Now, Google is as picky as a four year old that only eats hot dogs and chicken nuggets. To keep google happy you need to meet certain criteria:

  • loading speed
  • links, meta data
  • content
  • page format
  • mobile accessibility 

I apply my knowledge of web design and SEO to create custom strategies for increasing your google rank that will put you one step ahead of the competition. The proof is in the pudding – you found my website didn’t you?)