Founders Note

Hi I’m Rob, Creator and owner of Vivid Pine Design, LLC.  I have a passion for creativity and empowering fellow entrepreneurs by maximizing their business’s online presence.   Raised in a suburb of Columbus, OH I learned from a young age the value of community, work ethic, and delivering on a promise. Unlike big design corporations where your business gets lost in the shuffle, I value your business.  Instead of only seeing a statistic, I  build lasting relationships with clients (all while stylishly crushing your website and finding you more customers).

Vivid Pine Design, LLC prides itself on providing a customized, captivating, and empowering design journey tailored for small to medium-sized businesses aiming to distinguish themselves, enhance customer conversions, and outshine their competitors.

Web Design Packages

Determining the cost of a website is contingent on specific project details, and an accurate answer can only be provided once both parties have a clear understanding of the project scope. In general, the project will fall into one of three categories.  It’s crucial to emphasize that a professionally designed website is an investment, not just a cost. Although it might come across as a classic slogan, numerous clients have affirmed that the websites we create play a pivotal role in sustaining their businesses, and yours has the potential to do the same.


Starting at $2,497

This serves as our baseline, typically encompassing the development of average or smaller brochure/information-based websites (up to 5-10 pages). These may include features such as a blog or basic plugins but are designed for simplicity, lacking intricate and complex functionalities.


Starting at $3,497

This category covers portfolio or more interactive customer-engaging websites, typically ranging from 11 to 25 pages. These sites usually need advanced functionalities, including but not limited to blogging, project galleries, calendars, events, and quote forms.


Starting at $4,997

This category caters to larger-scale websites, typically exceeding 30 pages. These projects demand comprehensive design and development efforts, involving intricate functionalities, and template creations, and may include features such as e-commerce/online stores, membership portals, or interactive customer solutions.

Our Easy 3 Step Process

1) Design

Initiating the design journey begins with a swift consultation where we delve into your brand, objectives, target audience, and competitors. This session encompasses discussions on brand colors, typography, imagery, and other elements shaping the website’s overall aesthetics. With a comprehensive understanding of your goals, I’ll craft a preliminary outline detailing the envisioned look of your website. Upon your approval of the new design, we’ll move forward collaboratively to transform the concept into a fully functional website.

2) Develop

In the development phase, I’ll bring the rest of your website to life in alignment with our approved design. This involves the functional aspect, where I upload and integrate essential elements like WordPress, themes, plugins, widgets, and more. Simultaneously, I’ll gather the content you want on your site, including text, images, and videos. Through meticulous coding, I ensure the seamless functionality of all website components, such as buttons, links, emails, animations, videos, and images. Furthermore, I’ll optimize your website for a responsive experience across devices, including computers, tablets, and phones. Throughout the process, I prioritize the implementation of SEO best practices to ensure your website is well-received by search engines, particularly Google.

3) Launch

Prior to the official launch, we conduct thorough testing to ensure the seamless operation of every aspect of the website. Following this, I’ll provide you with comprehensive training and informative videos, empowering you with the knowledge to navigate and manage your site. It’s crucial to me that you feel confident using your website post-build. And then comes the most thrilling phase—the launch! Post-launch, I strongly recommend considering our website maintenance plan to ensure ongoing support and assistance for your website.

Recent Testimonials

“Rob was a pleasure to collaborate with! He constructed our website from the ground up and remained patient throughout the entire process. He took the time to guide us through each step of the design process, offering insightful suggestions and maintaining effective communication about his progress. Even after completing the design, he scheduled a call to thoroughly review the details of our website. Additionally, he provided helpful instructional videos for any future content uploads or changes we might need assistance with, and he’s always reachable via email to address any uncertainties we have, particularly regarding SEO and Google. We’ve recommended Rob to several of our friends for their website layout and design needs, and as a small business owner, Rob is the go-to person!”

Tiffany and Corey Knox

Owners, Five Knox Sounds

“Being the previous owner and now in an advisory position at Silver Rule Masonry we were looking for someone to totally rebuild and refresh our previous site! Rob showed us some work he had done on other sites. Totally easy to work with and a great experience one I would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade! Thanks Rob and Vivid Pine Designs”

John Paul Slupski

Owners, Silver Rule Masonry, Inc.

“Vivid Pine Design built the website for my business, Sparklehouse Cleaners, LLC, from scratch and did a fantastic job. Throughout the process, Rob was knowledgeable, personable, and explained things in a way that made complete sense to me, someone who knows absolutely nothing about web design/management. From the wording to the logo to the color scheme, he made sure everything looked amazing and just how I imagined it. He also made sure to check in with me every step of the way to ensure that things looked the way I wanted them to look, and were working like they should. I highly recommend Vivid Pine Design, LLC to anyone who has a need for a custom-built web presence.”
Kalee Mack

Owner, Sparklehouse Cleaners, LLC