Website Care and Suport Plans

Protect Your Investment!

Just like a car, small initial problems can become a huge expense if you do not take care of them when they start. Think of it like neglecting an oil change – you might save money initially, but eventually, you could face the prospect of purchasing an entirely new vehicle. Similarly, a monthly website maintenance plan can shield you from costly security breaches or the need for a complete website overhaul in the future. At Vivid Pine Design, we also dedicate time to accommodate website updates. Whether it’s a one-time project like adding a new product or services page, including it within the scope of our monthly service can be significantly more cost-effective than seeking out a service provider for a brand-new quote.

What’s in the Care Plan?

Website Hosting

A usual website hosting plan alone without any extra support (only hosting) on average is $25-50 but can quickly escalate to hundreds of dollars depending on your site’s functionality.  Hosting through Vivid Pine Design will give you a trusted and reliable host (who you actually know) and ongoing support to see your website grow.

Priority Support

At Vivid Pine Design, our clients are paramount, receiving top-tier priority support. Whether you require updates, functionality enhancements, or simply have questions, count on us to be there for you every step of the way.  

Software Updates

Without consistent software updates, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in outdated plugins, themes, extensions, contact forms, comment boxes, company emails, and links, to name a few.  Vivid Pine Design offers recurring software updates to make sure your site is running smoothly and has robust security.

Site Monitoring and Security

Globally, 48% of SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) have experienced a cyber security incident in the past year. 25% say they have experienced more than one incident in the past year. (  Vivid Pine Design runs recurring security scans to make sure there isn’t any malware or viruses on your website. 

Full Site Backup

Most websites operate on a database-driven system, safeguarding and regularly backing up both your database and files is crucial. This practice guarantees that in the event of a security breach, your website can be restored to a prior state, providing invaluable protection for your online presence.

Monthly Reporting

You shouldn’t have to decipher the status of your website. Vivid Pine Design wants to make your website status as transparent as possible and easy to read.  Each month Vivid Pine Design sends you an in-depth (but not overwhelming) monthly report, which also highlights what we’re doing month to month on your site.

Dangers of not having a Care and Support Plan

Website Hack

48% of SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) have experienced a cyber security incident in the past year.  If your site is not regularly maintained and protected it can be next

User Experience

Without regular updates to plugins, themes, extensions, contact forms, comment boxes, company emails, and links your site’s performance will decrease.  Decreased user experience has a direct link to decreased customers.

SEO Rankings

Failure to regularly maintain and update your site can lead to a decline in your Google rankings, as Google may perceive it as an inactive or abandoned digital entity.

No Cost Savings

Neglecting regular maintenance can result in minor issues snowballing into the need for a complete site rebuild, often at a significant cost.

No Backups

In the event of a security breach on your site, without a safety net, you risk losing all of your site content on top of needing a complete site rebuild. 

Everything is on YOU

Without a Vivid Pine Design care plan you are solely responsible for everything that is included in the plan.  Everything that we cover will cost you in time, money and stress. 

Care and Suport Plans



  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Monthly Website Backups
  • Monthly Security and Monitoring 
  • Monthly Software Updates
  • Sprout Support
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Stress-Free!  Managed by Vivid Pine Design



***Most Popular Option***

  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Monthly Website Backups
  • Weekly Security and Monitoring 
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Growth Support
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Stress-Free!  Managed by Vivid Pine Design
  • Up to 1 hour of free monthly Technical/Content support and reduced hourly rate after ($100 monthly value)



  • Website Hosting
  • SSL Certificate
  • Weekly Website Backups
  • Weekly Security and Monitoring 
  • Weekly Software Updates
  • Bloom Support
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Stress Free!  Managed by Vivid Pine Design
  • Up to 3 hours of free monthly technical/Content support and reduced rates after ($300 monthly value)


Are there cancellation fees?

Nope! Our website care plan is monthly or annual with a no-risk, no questions asked guarantee. If for any reason you need to pull your website from our hosting or maintenance plan, you have complete freedom to do so. Your plan is simply billed out for the month or year that’s paid for

Are there any setup fees?

If we’re building your website, there is no set up fee as long as it’s within a 90 day period!

If, after 90 days, you’d like to join our hosting/maintenance plan at any level, there is a $99 set up fee because we need to update all tools, clean up the database if it hasn’t been cleared, install our tools and backup the site among other tasks.

If we’re onboarding a website we did not design, there is a $250 setup fee  as we need to do a lot of work up front to update the site, learn the tools and get it ready to be properly maintained.

What if I pass on the plan?

Our maintenance plan is not mandatory for clients but is highly recommended because of the importance of security, optimization, updates, backups, support, etc.

That said, if you choose to forego our care plan, you’re welcome to. You will, in that case, assume complete responsibility for the website updates, security, backups and other services laid out in this plan by reviewing our LIABILITY CLAUSE that releases us from any involvement if and when the website is breached, hacked or performs slowly because the lack of proper optimization.

What if I require more time than the monthly support time allows?

We’ll always try to get your updates done within 1 hour to save you some extra cost but if you have a decent amount of updates that will require more hours, we’ll give you an estimate of time and do that at our hourly rate which is reduced for you as a special, monthly care client!

What if I pass on the plan?

In this case, you’re welcome to handle it in house by reaching out to our preferred malware and blacklist removal specialists Sucuri or if you’d like to join our plan and have us take care of getting the hack cleaned, we have a $750 site cleaning/set up fee.

Depending on the type of hack/breach and how long the site has been compromised, SEO rankings and blacklisting issues may take weeks or even months to resolve and in some cases will require more additional work to recover from.

Important note: We do not fixed website hacks unless the site will subsequently be added to our plan.

What if the site gets hacked or breached while on the plan?

In the extremely unlikely event that a website is breached or hacked in any way while on our plan, we take full responsibility and will rectify the situation immediately. You will not need to do a thing.

Do you offer price breaks for multiple sites?

Absolutely! If you choose to have us host and maintain additional sites under your account, you’ll get a 30% discount (monthly or annual) for every site you add which will be active for as long as host and maintain the sites.


Does my monthly update time roll over?

The retainer of hourly updates is covered for that month but does not rollover or add up for later use.


What's included in the monthly time?

Your monthly time (for growth or bloom plans) covers any updates, additions or add-ons to your website. For example, changing hours, company information, staff or team members, adding new photos, updating services pages, etc.

While we do our best to get updates done within your allotted time, if more time is required, we can do so with our hourly retainer which for you is discounted!

Note: The allotted monthly time is for work or updates on the existing website and cannot be used for other projects or a step by step website revamp. We’re happy to do those things either via our discounted hourly rate or via a discounted and separate fixed project!