1.  Security

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you might believe that your size makes you an unlikely target for hackers. However, hackers are motivated by various factors beyond the size of a company or individual. Their intentions range from stealing sensitive customer data to injecting malware, viruses, ransomware, SEO spam, and defacing websites with internet graffiti, among other tactics. “Globally, 48% of SMBs (small and mid-size businesses) have experienced a cyber security incident in the past year. 25% say they have experienced more than one incident in the past year.” (www.stationx.net)

Implementing website maintenance plans significantly reduces the risk of a security breach by conducting regular updates and security scans. Without consistent security measures, hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in outdated plugins, themes, extensions, contact forms, comment boxes, company emails, and links, to name a few. Professional website maintenance offers peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your business knowing that your online presence is secure.

2.  User Experience and Conversions

User experience and potential client conversion go hand in hand. What happens when a website visitor encounters a non-responsive button? They simply click away. Similarly, outdated content sends the wrong message about your business’s relevance to both visitors and search engines. Broken forms result in lost leads, malfunctioning shopping carts lead to abandoned purchases, and faulty payment systems translate to missed sales opportunities.

Fortunately, a robust website maintenance plan can address these issues and more. Beyond safeguarding your online store and ensuring its seamless operation, your maintenance plan can assist with various other tasks. Whether it’s crafting a compelling landing page for an upcoming campaign, generating engaging blog posts essential to a successful content marketing strategy or rectifying SEO errors to enhance your site’s visibility, their expertise can make a significant difference

3.  Backup Plans and Recovery

Most websites operate on a database-driven system, safeguarding and regularly backing up both your database and files is crucial. This practice guarantees that in the event of a security breach, your website can be restored to a prior state, providing invaluable protection for your online presence.

4.  Cost Savings

Just like a car, small initial problems can become a huge expense if you do not take care of them when they start. Think of it like neglecting an oil change – you might save money initially, but eventually, you could face the prospect of purchasing an entirely new vehicle. Similarly, a monthly website maintenance plan can shield you from costly security breaches or the need for a complete website overhaul in the future. At Vivid Pine Design, we also dedicate time to accommodate website updates. Whether it’s a one-time project like adding a new product or services page, including it within the scope of our monthly service can be significantly more cost-effective than seeking out a service provider for a brand-new quote.