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Designing websites that convert leads to paying customers through website design, ongoing-support and SEO


Web Design

Website Design that will captivate your visitors and convey your brand.  Find and convert your ideal customers online. Develop and maintain an authoritative web presence for your business.

Care and Support

Have you ever wanted to attempt to learn how to fix a website hack at a moment’s notice with no warning?  Sounds fun right?  Without a website maintenance plan, this unfortunately could be you. 


Websites are more than just aesthetics, they have a direct impact on google search results. Why does this matter? Because if google can’t find you, your customers certainly can’t either. This is why every business needs to be utilizing SEO (search engine optimization). 

Meet Your Designer

Hey I’m Rob, creator and owner of Vivid Pine Design, LLC.  As a business owner, your specialty is, of course, your business. That’s where I come in. You don’t need to feel stressed, confused, or defeated by the thought of building and maintaining your own website. I ensure your website conveys your company’s image and functions how you want. Most importantly, my sales, design, and SEO knowledge ensures your small business gets plenty of online traffic and targets your ideal customers.

Recent Website New Build

Recent Website Re-Design

Our Process

1) Design

The design process kicks off with a brief consultation to delve into your brand identity, pinpoint your target audience, and assess the objectives for the upcoming (or revamped) website. Once your goals are clearly defined, I will proceed to craft a fresh design tailored to your website.

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2) Develop

After getting approval for the design I will construct your website, ensuring it not only looks great but also functions seamlessly. This involves setting up WordPress, uploading content, images, themes, plugins, and utilizing code to optimize the site for compatibility across computers, phones, and tablets.

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3) Launch

Prior to the launch, thorough testing will be conducted to ensure the flawless functionality of your website. Additionally, To empower you with the necessary skills, I provide educational materials for efficient navigation and usage of your new site. The exhilarating moment arrives when we unveil your brand new website to the public and get results. Consider joining my maintenance plan post-launch for ongoing support, ensuring you maximize the benefits of your website redesign or new build

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Recent Testimonials

“Rob was a pleasure to collaborate with! He constructed our website from the ground up and remained patient throughout the entire process. He took the time to guide us through each step of the design process, offering insightful suggestions and maintaining effective communication about his progress. Even after completing the design, he scheduled a call to thoroughly review the details of our website. Additionally, he provided helpful instructional videos for any future content uploads or changes we might need assistance with, and he’s always reachable via email to address any uncertainties we have, particularly regarding SEO and Google. We’ve recommended Rob to several of our friends for their website layout and design needs, and as a small business owner, Rob is the go-to person!”

Tiffany and Corey Knox

Owners, Five Knox Sounds

“Being the previous owner and now in an advisory position at Silver Rule Masonry we were looking for someone to totally rebuild and refresh our previous site! Rob showed us some work he had done on other sites. Totally easy to work with and a great experience one I would recommend to anyone looking to upgrade! Thanks Rob and Vivid Pine Designs”

John Paul Slupski

Owners, Silver Rule Masonry, Inc.

“Vivid Pine Design built the website for my business, Sparklehouse Cleaners, LLC, from scratch and did a fantastic job. Throughout the process, Rob was knowledgeable, personable, and explained things in a way that made complete sense to me, someone who knows absolutely nothing about web design/management. From the wording to the logo to the color scheme, he made sure everything looked amazing and just how I imagined it. He also made sure to check in with me every step of the way to ensure that things looked the way I wanted them to look, and were working like they should. I highly recommend Vivid Pine Design, LLC to anyone who has a need for a custom-built web presence.”
Kalee Mack

Owner, Sparklehouse Cleaners, LLC